Color, meet Fabric!

I began dyeing in 2002, after seeing some playsilks that the local Waldorf school was selling at a bi-annual street fair here in Tucson. My daughter was just over a year old and I wanted to make some silks for her. I bought some dye and silk and jumped right in.

Though the solid color silks were wonderful, I wanted to expand my knowledge of dyeing and the different techniques. In my research, I came across a community of dyers and tie-dyers who were very open in the sharing and exchange of ideas. With this wealth of information at my fingertips my interest in dyeing went into overdrive.

I learned some basic folds as well as some more intricate ones. The fold I was most drawn to was the mandala fold. Since that moment, I have been experimenting with the fold and different color combinations to give each silk its unique and vibrant qualities.

I use a variety of silk and sizes to create my playsilks and scarves. However, most of what I use is a selection of the 8mm Habotai scarves, including the 21inch, 35inch, and 45inch scarves. I also use cotton and other natural fiber fabrics as a palette for a rainbow of colors and designs.

I love what I do. Though sometimes I feel like a tie-dye geek, obsessed with color and the results of my efforts. My advice to anyone wanting to dabble in dyeing and tie-dyeing; do it, it’s fun and actually pretty easy. My one warning; it’s addictive!

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