Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keepin' The Creative Juices Flowing

So its been busy the past week. I have spent much of my time creating(and re-creating) images to print. One thing I have discovered is that I CAN draw. Well, maybe not a proportionally beautiful figure but sketches of other things in nature.

Much of my time has been spent preparing stencils for printing, mixing colors and doing test prints. I have been printing some shirts but have been wary of printing more because I have a little devil on my shoulder whispering "You're gonna screw it u-up." But what I have printed I like, so it has gotten easier to tell that devil to bugger-off.

Hitting the thrift stores has been a blast as well. It's amazing how much is there that is in good, pretty much new condition. It's also wonderous to see some items that make me think "What were they thinking when they originally bought this?" I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

A big thanks to my friend Gary down at Bison Witches. When he heard about the adventure I was starting he told me he had some stuff for me. What he brought me were a few things that I had wanted but didn't have the expense account to buy. Yay for screen hinges and squeegees!

Well, here I go. Another creative day!

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