Friday, July 17, 2009

Holy Cow!

No really, Holy Cow! Its the best. I discovered it about a month ago at the grocery store while searching for a "degreaser" to clean-up printing screens, squeegees, and stencils. There are definitely products marketed specifically for cleaning screens but most were expensive and contained unknown chemicals I didn't want to deal with. Primarily because they smell yucky.

I originally went to the store to get Simple Green. You know, the cleaner you used in college to clean your "recreational" tools. Even though it was another product that smelled yucky and contains unknown chemicals, I compromised because its relatively inexpensive and I was familiar with it. To my dismay the store didn't carry Simple Green. Hrrmphh!

I figured there had to be something else to fit my needs and maybe something less offensive than Simple Green. As I stalked the isle a happy looking cow caught my eye. I picked up one of the bottles and read on. Natural and biodegradable ingredients. Says it will get the job done. Around 5 bucks for a 32oz bottle. Why not?

When I got home I immediately grabbed a screen I was have trouble getting screen filler out of. I sprayed on the Holy Cow Concentrated Cleaner, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and started to scrub with my cleaning brush.

Guess what? I actually exclaimed "Holy Cow!" The screen filler scrubbed off relatively easily. Since then I have been hooked. I even use it now to get out specks of unwanted printing ink I get on shirts from time to time .

Check out their product line. So far, I am only experienced with their concentrated cleaner but when the current bottle runs out I might try out another in addition to my current pick.

Do you have any unconventional clean-up tricks for your craft? Share them!

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  1. Haven't tried it... although I have been loving the Method line of biodegradable cleaning products lately... they smell really nice.